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          自成立以來,高標準的設計、專業的服務、嚴格的質量、全新的防偽技術是我們服務廣大客戶的宗旨。我們不僅掌握了國內外先進的自粘安全產品技術,還不斷根據客戶的實際情況對我們的產品進行升級,提供更好的服務和安全解決方案!  我們有信心為客戶提供安全、放心、性價比高的品質材料及優質服務!歡迎各界朋友蒞臨參觀指導、商務洽談。

          Dongguan RuiZheng packaging material co.,Ltd is a technology-based enterprise professionally dedicated to the development and production of new type of anti-fake packing printing materials. We introduced foreign advanced computerized production equipment, specializing in producing and selling various kinds of self-adhesive security materials and labels.Our products are widely used in all kinds of industry.

          Since established, high standard of design, professional service, strict quality and brand new anti-counterfeiting technology is our service purpose of broad masses of customers.We not only mastered the advanced foreign technology of the self-adhesive security products ,but also constantly according to the actual situation of the customer to upgrade our products to provide better service and security solutions!

          We are confident to provide customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective quality materials and Printing services! 

          RuiZheng is your best choice!

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